Friday, April 16, 2010

My First Gay Dream

In the dream i was in a party in my house. i was pushing my way towards my room through the crowded living room. When i went inside i saw my dad fucking my friend from school. I didn't have a problem with it (idk y) and was just enjoying my dad giving the skinny dude deep long strokes in the ass. I was just about to leave when my dad demanded that i get my ass eatin' out by the dude. Next thing I know i'm head down ass out the dudes tonguing my hole in dog position and my dad is mounting him from the back fucking him even rougher. At first it was a couple of quick lips but my dad wasn't having that he wanted me to get the full experience. So to get the guy to do what he wanted he fucked him harder holding tighter to his small waist and hitting his ass with heavy force. Now the guys giving it to me good. He's stroking the tongue hard now and digging it deep in my ass. If felt so fucking good. I couldn't control my breathing anymore, i was pushing my ass more into his mouth, and i was holding onto the sheets for dear life mouth open eyes closed toes curled. I started flexing my hole while he was still sliding his tongue in my ass and I couldn't take it anymore i had to bury his face completely in it. He matched my force with the force of his tongue that i stopped breathing my sides started hurting from me shaking so hard but the pain added more to the pleasure that I loved it too. This was too much for me and I wanted more. I pushed my ass a little further burying him nose deep in it, squeezing my cheeks against his face. He pulled out with a trail of saliva connecting my hole with his mouth and started chewing on my ass and blowing on my hole. That took it to another level. By now the bed sheet is drenched in sweat and torn in a few areas from me biting on it. My hole is pulsing begging him to feed his tongue in it. He one-up the demand for the tongue by using his fingers instead. He started with a slow tempo easing it in and out and was pushing his middle finger fast in a spiral motion. Then when his finger was at the tip, on its way back in, i squeezed my hole around his finger like a piper and controlled how much he could slid in. When he got his whole length into me he pressed his thumb against my ass. I was moaning crazy like begging him not to stop. Just as he was about to ease his index finger in there I woke up :( I tried my hardest to go back to sleep but it wouldnt work. I hate it when your in middle of a good dream and for some reason the body decides to wake up. Has any body had a moment like that?

P.S.: What's another word for ass and hole, i tried switching the words as much as possible but still feel like i reused them too much


  1. Oh wow; you got me hard with that one! Definitely homosexual (extra kinky with your dad in there!) Even at my age I have the odd erotic dream; usually they happen just before dawn when the testosterone level spikes in your body. The curse is that you always wake up just when it gets the hottest; or when you are young it may be a wet dream. I remember having an orgasm so strong in a wet dream that it rocked me head to toe before I woke up. But boys usually don't have them once they start masturbating. Oh yeah, other words; anus, sphincter, butt cheeks, glutes, and don't forget the prostate.
    -A nice start to your blog and definitely some gay urges there. I think that is what it all comes down to; being honest about your sexual urges. I guess that is why your blog is called 'confessions'. But you are not confessing anything to feel guilty about. Quite the contrary, be proud of your sexuality and the freedom it brings you. Freeing yourself of the burden of living a lie. bfn - Wayne :)

  2. A pretty graphic dream Damion. It's def a bummer waking up before the end - but it gives you some great stuff to fantasize about.
    Regards Stef

  3. Great dream/story, and pretty well written. I know I enjoyed it! lol

    I think you should explore writing some hc gay fiction. jmho

    I appreciate your honesty with your emotions, dreams, and the expressions of them.

    To add to your words for asshole; (these are somewhat rude, but hell your writing is pretty graphic and descriptive, also great!) love tunnel, boi pussy, cockpit, and most private place. Those are all i can think of off the top of my head. lol

  4. wow dude that was a hot dream...u anywhere near california lol