Saturday, December 25, 2010

20 Things

The rules: 1. On a blog post, fill out 20 things that most people didn't know about you. 2. On the same post, be sure to include the rules, and a link back to the blog that tagged you 3. Tag the people you'd like to know 20 new things about.

1. I hide my loneliness and depression with humor and a smiley face.
2. I've never been kiss
3. I didn't read through the Twilight series just for the sex in Breaking Dawn (unrevised version), I did it because I liked the story line
4.Team Edward: Emotional connection before physical connection
5. I sleep in fetal position
6. The urge for me to get fucked by a guy is getting stronger and I hope, even though I say I'm pro-prostitution/pro-sluttish, it doesn't get to the point where I'll go to a dark alley with my pants down and a rainbow neon enter me sign on my asshole while blindfolded
7. Best days in the world would be cuddling naked my head rested over his chest letting his heart beat sooth me while watching rain drops fall on the windowpane on a rainy day
8. Scared I'll never publicly acknowledge these feelings and will never be able to get out of Mariah Carey's house-size closet
9. I'm in strong like with a Toxas
10. I embrace death rather than fear it or try to prolong my life
11. When I go to an out of state university, I'll be the person I always wanted, outgoing, smart, witty, gay (publicly)
12. On my bucket list: Give my dorm/apartment/fraternity roommate a mind blowing blow-job within the first weeks of the semester
13. The key to getting me to do anything is getting me drunk and giving me a Hershey Cookie and Cream chocolate bar
14. I eat my own cum
15. I go to the gym not only to get fit but to look at the sexy (and I do mean sexy) guys
16. When I like a guy or thinks he's extremely sexy i try to look away every time i see him or look down when I'm talking to him
17. I love/hate my job
18. The reason why I don't want to go to an in-state college is not because I don't like Florida so I can start a new life
19. I really do hate my mother
20. I wouldn't want to go to Pride week with friends because I think i would get a boner 24/7