Thursday, April 15, 2010


To be honest, I started this blog to write down how I felt, say things that go unheard, and express the side of me that I'm afraid to know (possibly being gay or bi). If you read this than I like you already and I will try to write as much interesting things as possible. Thanks for listening <3.

My real name isn't Damion, I like to think of him as an alter ego. iGuess I would describe him as everything I ever expected from myself but could never accomplish. He isn't afraid to say he's different from most guys, that he's bi (or gay, same thing). Here is his description:
  • Black
  • 5'8
  • Let's say unfit body (I usually say fat)(wudn't say chubby, its the nicer way to say fat)
  • Black (VERY coiled) Hair
  • Dark Brown Eyes
  • Wide-ish nose
  • Thick full lips
  • etc.
I (Damion) am 16, and in the 10th grade. I like to think of myself as the nerdy, retarded, funny, reserved, talkative, quiet guy. I really don't know were I'm going with this because I'm like really tired, it's 1:11 am :O but just know that I like writing because it's a better way for me to say the things I want people hear.I hope to meet new interesting people that can open my eyes more to being gay or to life in general. Hope I get followers and I'll be sure to make the next post as interesting as possible.


  1. Hi 'Damion'. I'm an old gay guy (in good shape for my age; that's my real pic from a few weeks ago) and I'm 5'-8 too. I'm retired and commenting on some of the young gay blogs out there to lend some support. I think being honest with your real sexual urges determines your sexuality. It may take some time to realise that but no rush. I'm in eastern Canada, and not too many blacks around here, but I did manage way back to have a sexual experience with a young black guy and it was HOT! Maybe I can drop a little advice on you along the way. Oh yeah, if you are on the fat side, all you have to do is be careful about what you are eating and how much, and get out and jog it off one hour a day. I remember a young friend of mine, 5'-8 and 190lbs who started jogging to lose weight. (we laughed) Six months later we ate our words when he was 145lbs on the scales. He could run 10 miles easily. Shows how your body can adapt if you use it; just go easy at first and build up gradually; you also get a nice exercise 'high'. Self-dicipline and consistency gets results but you must have a long-term attitude. bfn - Wayne

  2. Damion just found you through Andy's blog and thought I'd drop by and say hi.
    About your weight - I was a fat kid to, but that turned around when I got my push bike - I rode it every where and I actually became a skinny kid in no time and had heaps of fun doing it - never had to cut back my food intake, if anything I used to eat like a horse but never put on that weight again.
    Any way look forward to hearing more about you.
    Regards Stef

  3. Dear Damion,
    Well, should I say welcome to the gay world? Definitely no. it's a self-realization, to me. Anyway, blogging is about expressing your own thoughts n emotions, so just write wat ever u wish to write, not to write something which excites people, but if u could hit 2 birds with a stone, go ahead. take care, best wishes

  4. Damion,

    Welcome to the world of blogging. It is wonderfully as anonymous as you want. It can be an escape into a world similar to reading books, but it is your creation.

    I caution though, that real life is IMPORTANT too. Get out and live it. Take things in your life in moderation. The good and the bad. Do a little of it all and suck as much enjoyment out of it as you can. Get outdoors and walk or run for fitness, but do it for fun too by finding the good things out there. Write in your anonymous journal all of your fantasies and explore your imagination as well as your feelings and thoughts. Spend time with friends and find new ones. But most of all do a little bit of everything every day. You won't be bored if you change things up often.

    It is cool to have an alter identity online. It frees up a lot of hang ups we impose on ourselves.