Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Porn Store

It's been a while since I've been on but I blame my financial status rather than my interest level. How are you guys, so much has changed? Accounts are deleted and recent posts I've read are contemplating termination :(. Everyone seems to either be in the work force, in school (college), or my favorite, a sex fiend. It's going to take some time to readjust my reading list, removing the dead accounts and looking for new blogs to jerk and relate to. And most importantly Happy Thanksgiving, may we all be happy for what we have and make no regrets as time flows and we change.

I recently turned 18 so as a right of passage of every male (gay or straight) I went inside the infamous, and once ” you can look but don't touch” adult store by my house. When I was walking to the entrance I felt scared that someone I know would be either inside or outside watching me going in and waiting to see what I come out with. I don't know when that strange sense of paranoia will go away but it really needs to. when I went inside, all my excitement died. It looked like a regular store with dvds on selves, the cheap or clearance sections and no moans from the back as a guy gets a mind blowing orgasm from getting sucked through a glory hole.

I don't know where my sudden boost of confidence came from but I asked the guy behind the counter where was the gay section. The implication from that weirton was that I'm gay or interested in guys and that is the first time I've ever came close to telling someone who is tangible and not virtual. As soon as I said it I bit my tongue, now was the time I would see how someone would react to this.he said behind you and a soon as I turn around I saw a massive black dick and had to take a step back.he chuckled at my shock and said something witty. No harassment, no disapproval, just a friendly atmosphere. It felt good.

After I saw the premium dvd titles in the section I moved around the rest of store. As I was walking through the store I was getting hard just looking at the covers, sex was everywhere and I was enjoying it. I went to the cheaper dvd section end my rock was now a tent pole as I saw the titles. I think I would of came then and there if I kept flipping through the dvds looking for the gay dvds. I was breathing hard and had move. Around the cheap dvds were the toys. I saw costumes, whips, cake penis shape cooking pans, vibrators, dildoes, strap-ons, balls model vaginas, dicks, and ass holes. I fingered the vagina to see what it felt like and after three jabs i was bored. I was contemplating the dildoes or the vibrator but wasn't sure how discreet I could be walking through the streets with a 6 incher poking and imprinting on the bag. I've decided to get one of the two next time I visit because my friend bought one (but she's a she).

Continuing to explore I went to the back section where the video booths are. Inside the booths were a chair, garbage basket, a 4 screen tv above a single screen tv, numbers 1-4 with a up or down button and the thing to put the cash in. I put a dollar in for five minutes and searched for the gay videos.the buttond felt sticky and I was disturbed by that but that didn't stop me from searching for something decent and pulling out my dick and jerking off to something of quality. The best I could see that was showing was a black guy with a massive dick forcing it inside of a buffed white guy, btw I like videos where the button is muscular and not skinny or twink looking. After looking at the dvd covers, the toys, the gay section it was easy for me to blow and I licked any evidence I had...maybe next time I'll come in with some paper napkins but then again why change what works. Relieved I threw my head back in ecstasy and notice the boarded hole in the wall and figured they didn't want people to have glory holes on the wall. my mouth controlled by the sexual freedom released from being in the store and I pictured myself giving someone a blow job then and there. As my lips and mouth walls were moistening I grabbed onto reality and went outside the booth. I noticed another both was being used and the door was slightly opened and I didn't know what to I walk away and leave him to his business our do I complete his transaction for him. He decided and closed the door leaving it again slightly askew. Disappointed it wasn't an obvious open invitation I moved on.

I decided I would buy one of the cheap dvds. I decided to get the one with the white guy in the fireman outfit with his shlong hanging out looking suductively at you. After watching it a few times I can't say I'm disappointed with my choice. 6 hours of sex who would only thing is the quality of the dvd and that it jumps through some scenes and that the actors aren't all endowed like the front cover guy. Again not complaining it has all of my requirements: rimming, sucking, fucking, stroking, hot asses, dicks, nipple play, moaning, deep throat kissing, dirty talk, and minimum plot (firemen), cum, oil covered bodies, and hot faces, and muscle bodies.

Next time I go I'll ask the guy if he knows any cruising spots in that are discrete.or maybe you guys know a spot?

again happy holidays and this was a good ; p