Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wide Open

Today I went to the Optometrist (eye doctor) and got an eye examination. My eyes are dilated and it sucks donkey balls juice. Everything is blurrier and foggier and I couldn't walk out in the sun with my eyes open. I want to sleep it off but I can't. Oh well. And if your wondering yes I do need glasses and I just found out I have astigmatism. I'm happy about that. lol I like knowing I have dysfunctions. So far it's scoliosis and now astigmatism :]

P.S.: I saw the first episode of True Blood and I'm a fan. I like the story line so far and the wild sex the vampire had with the mortal lady tied to the ceiling was hot. Would loved to be sexed up like she was. First Twilight now True Blood. I think I have a vampire/ biting fetish.


  1. Hi Damion. Astigmatism is just that the eye is a bit out of focus on one plane eg vertical or horizontal. When you are in your late twenties and your eyes have been stable for a number of years you can get them lasered for perfect vision. Have you gotten treatment for the scoliosis? The doctors can usually fix that pretty good these days.
    -I dunno; the vampire shows always seem to be about sex and beautiful people these days; the old-fashioned vampire movies were truly creepy and scary (without gratuitous gore); the 1922 vampire flick 'Nosferatu' blows away the so-called horror movies these days. Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee are classic draculas. Now don't go chomping on your guy lol! bfn - Wayne :) (I hope you are enjoying your summer!)

  2. hey damion...try contact lenses...maybe we can do a video...we will call it "Lustful vampire bites pretty boy" will be a cross of your two favorite movies...pretty woman and true blood...dim the lights! camera! action! you dude

  3. hi damion miss u ...wish u were writing...hope all is well latz bro

  4. What ever happened, kid?? You seem to have vanished... Miss you!! luv, tman<3

  5. Where hav u disappeared, man?

    Hope you are doing fine!!

    It would be great to have you back!!