Monday, June 7, 2010

Naughty School Boy

Warning: Super long post

Well guys the school year is coming to a close and I'll be out of school starting Thursday. This school year has gone by fast and, even though it sucked royally, I'll miss it. A lot of things have happened this year.
Some of my friends from middle school, who went to different schools for Freshman year, transferred to my school. I liked having them their with me. They added more laughs to my life and I might slightly like this one dude.
I got a mentor this year. It was by chance but I don't regret signing up to get a mentor. The guy is cool and gay! lol It took me till like the end of the office visits to ask him if he was (even though I could tell he was gay when he shuck my hand for the first time). I wanted to tell him I think I might be gay but couldn't, still not ready to say those words out loud. I tell him the only things I know about gay guys are from Will & Grace, and that I'm disappointed he isn't a Will. I love Will from the show; he is funny,sarcastic, and just cool all around. Back to the mentor, I noticed he has a rock hard nice ass through his tight pants. I even thought about us having sex and us doing some wild, mind blowing things. I perved on an old guy ;P (hot).
I've met new people and new friends. Even though she's a girl and way shorter than me, I love me some D.F. (it's so hard to say love but when I talk about her it comes out so easily) I guess its the fact that she's an Aquarius and I'm a Libra (true Libra) that we click so well. Or maybe its the fact that every time she calls my name or I hear her voice I have a big smile on my face. I'll miss her a lot. Um...not to contradict the fact that I like dude that's a friend/J but its easy for me to express affection for a girl than a guy, I'm used to compressing those feelings for a guy so its not obvious on my face.
I took office in my academy's club and was an epic failure at it. I'll just learn from my mistakes and maybe not be so ambitious as to want a title just to feel like I'm high in status or just because I want to do something positive doesn't mean it will happen. I won't miss it. I don't like people asking me "So what are you doing as our 'office title'?" I usually responded with a "They don't tell me anything" but what I really want to respond with is "Get the fuck out my face with that shit. You and these questions about what I'm doing is not even necessary. You disgust me, go away." (thinking it over again) Yep, not going to miss it one bit.
I didn't make it to competition this year :[. I even signed up for 2 college classes just to update what I know about accounting and learn something about marketing to prepare myself before I go and what happens after I've signed up for those classes. I don't make it to state. I could of unsigned myself because they didn't start for a while but didn't want to give up the college experience. (if your wondering I got an A in both of those courses :])
This is recent in the school year but I think this girl likes me. Weird, that usually doesn't happen. All I know is she's like that guy friend who pops out of no where and just hits you hard and walks away. Sometimes she hugs me but I'm looking at her like "oh hey, girl who hits me <.<>.>...your kind of violent :). That's kinky ;p." She's a friend of the newly titled bff. She tells me I should go to their church but I say "I'm busy", which we should all no I'm not.
Formspring should get its own paragraph. I've had fun looking at my bff and her cousin's Formsprings. A whole lot of drama has happened there and I've laughed my ass off. I don't like the fact that the bff felt ashamed and hurt that her cousins will pick dick, pussy, and sex over family but she says "Their dead to me, they should drop dead" (which i think is a little far, I hate all my brothers but I don't say "they should drop dead", just "they need to get out this house") Also, on formspring, I confessed my Freshman year crush to this girl who is friends with the bff. It was a thing I did on impulse and I regret it. After I press that button, bff and the girl was trying to figure out who it was. I think bff knows it is me but its something I know she wouldn't bring up. I like that about her.
Other than J there are 2 more guys that should be mentioned for the 2009-2010 school year. One is named K. He is in my spanish class. He was once in my Pre-Calculus class but they changed his schedule. He has a sexiness to him and his eyes are hypnotizing. I 'hate' it when he has his chair turned to me and his legs opened. I don't know if he does it to see if I'm lusting for him or something but I'll never show signs of it even though I do lust. He told me he was bleeding through his penis and I thought that was weird. I was scared that one day my penis (lol penis) would bleed too. He is sexy. The other guy is S. Now he is the ex of my close friend and has my science class. His sexiness is lost in his over confidence. Well he really isn't on my sexy list but for the mass amount of girls who think he is sexy I mentioned him. He kinda makes me feel weird when he stands by me not the butterflies but "why are you so close to me" feeling.
I had an horrible itching moment during winter. It was always at the wrong moment that I felt itchy. It was killing me because it wouldn't go away. The itch came twice and I had to ask to use the bathroom and hoped it went away before I went back to class. But I thought it was bed bugs and I must of guessed right. I cleaned all of my clothes, cleaned my room from head to toe, vacuumed both sides of my bed, and cleaned and changed my sheets.
Um. theirs L. He's also in my spanish class. I think he's gay and I think he knows he's gay but denies it. He has the hand flicks and the girl "oh no you didn't" perfectly. Since I'm saying who I think is gay out of the people I know I need to mention M and G. M is overweight like me but his man boobs aren't as sexy as mines. lol I'm not really conceded. I think he's gay because it seems obvious, he's jolly jolly (twice the jolly), bouncy (mind you he has man boobs), and his "oh no you didn't" is mastered perfectly. G is a close friend and a laughing buddy. We talk about the most random things and he's a cool person. My assumption of him being gay started in middle school where I met him. Now his hand flicks, Mariah Carey high octave voice impression, "oh no you didn't" is mastered so well, he should write "How to make being gay obvious for Dummies" books. I mean come on who knows so much about Prince, ick. I love Beyonce but I still don't know much about her, just that I want her to have my babies. But it's whatever. If he or they don't want to say anything about it I totally understand. But what I don't understand is how people who make it obvious that their gay say they aren't. I mean come on people have categorized you as gay and they seem not to care. Would verifying making their assumptions be a bad thing?
Oh this needs to be mentioned. I hate it when people have sex in the stairway and they aren't clean. I don't care if you go raw or not (I would prefer raw for me) but please if you know your pussy and balls stink don't have sex or at least wash first. Come on, I smelt tuna, salmon, catfish, etc. And what's funny about the whole thing is the girls who smell like the catch of the day are the ones who complain that the stairways and the girls who were sexing it up smell bad.
I'm changing schools starting next school year. I don't think its hard to say goodbye because its never really goodbye its just hard to say I'll miss you. I will be missing my friends as I shorten the 4 years together in high school to 2 years. But where one door closes another one opens. I hope I'll make friends at the new school. I know 3 girls that are going to the same school as me so I won't be lonely. Me and 2 out of the 3 girls will be good buddies. We talk about the same things and interests are close enough to maintain the friendship. The high school were going to is different from a lot of schools in the country. All I know is I'm ready to go to Burger King for lunch on Mondays and Wednesdays, Chinese Food on Fridays, All you can buffets on Thursdays, and who knows on Tuesday. My friends think of it as selfishness for me to leave but I see it as a better opportunity and the better food is just a bonus.
The Bff/D doesn't like me changing schools. She resents it. She says she'll miss me and I'll miss her too but I don' look back, I move forward. What I don't get is why she starting to change (unconsciously) being more distant and more cold towards me? If its to make me stay then its not working. I'm not a sucker for cold hearted people, though I would like to be one. I say enjoy the time while we still have it and don't throw it away because its coming to an unexpected end.
Reading wise, I read the twilight series. I'm on team Edward all the way. I love his way of expressing his undying (no pun intended) love for Bella. I don't think Robert Patterson is sexy if your wondering. Skinny is not that sexy in my book. I really don't like the ending, there should of been a fight over their daughter. And I wished that the book I read had the descriptive sex with Edward and Bella. I read a couple of Urban Novels written by one of my favorite author. I read G-Spot, Thong on Fire, and Hittin' the Bricks. I know I know, vagina are icky but I love the story line and the sex. I would recommend reading them even if you don't like the sex in it. And last but not least I read the Tragedy of Julius Caesar. Now that book was amazing (even though their wasn't sex). I'm liking Shakespeare's work. I've read Macbeth and I know of Romeo and Juliet. That man has a way of putting words together that makes you get involved in his plays.
Academically, this is my best year so far. I haven't got a C D or F on my report card. (Maybe I'm speaking to early). Grade books closed and I know that I'll be getting 4 A's and 2 B's. For Finals I have 3 A's, 1 B, I don't know for science (i cheated my heart out on that test and I hope I get something good pls C or higher), and for science she hasn't put the grade in but I have an B on the objective exam and I don't know for the essay (which i cheated on...yay cheating :]).
I don't know what else to put (and I'm thinking your hoping their isn't more lol) That's my whole school year in one post.

P.S.: To Anonymous. I live in Florida.

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  1. Hey Damion, that was quite the school year; glad that you are getting decent marks. Sounds like you are juggling the girls and guys; maybe some bisexuality there? Stairway sex in school!? Now that sounds interesting lol; so much for abstinence and teens. Yeah, Shakespeare could say more in a brief sentence than today's writers can say in a paragraph.
    -You're on the right track and keep a long-term outlook. Be sure to watch your diet and not let your weight get out of control; set aside time for exercise too. bfn - Wayne :) (I hope that oil slick stays away from Florida!)