Monday, May 28, 2012

Craigslist Experience

In my desperate attempt to relieve myself of my virgin status, I like everyother man in need of m4m relief have deicided to check out Craigslist. I posted an ad before when I was 16 but my post was removed, I suppose some people on Craigslist have concious morals and respect for the law.

Mostly I've been reading ads looking for an insatible dominant aggressive top willing to pound with vengence an eager black chub bottom ready to be the subject of an intense gorilla animalistic fuck session with grunts and the smell of ass juice filling the air, you know the way every bottom dreams there first time to be when they're either ferociously fingering themselves or fucking themselves with their automated machine dildo. Through my readings I've become familiar even an aficianado of the lingo and customizing of ads on Craigslist: DrugDiseaseFree, t for trans, hwp meaning height weight proportionate, ltr or looking for long term relationship, or my favorite nsa no strings attached, always ask for stats and pics, ads with a picture usally get the most viewers and replies, short and simple ad titles in all caps grab attention, and sadly in the Miami area tops are a rare commodity (there is a bottom surplus here!), and slighty even more sad, the tops you do come across are either painstainlkly dl, seriously so down low they freak when they become suspicious of their own sexual orientation, or married and severely discrete, I never signed up to be a manstress or a homewrecker - saldy enough I find myself in the current situation trying to get a married man to fuck the shit out of me, inundate his wedlocked cum in me until it oozes slowly out my holes and stuff it back where its leaking.

I don't know if any of my ads are still up but I can say that I do find it sensational having my black ass exposed to the open market. I find comfort and even pride looking at the shapely figure of my thick fat ass. When I receive complements, I smile coyly, but in my mind I'm bostfully saying "you're damn right its nice, better yet its maginificant" - lol my ass has a huge ego, I keep looking in a window shops to see the reflected curvature of my ass through shorts and jeans. I now have an assorted array of ass photos in different positions, locations, and even wet & dry, mostly thanks to the married stud I am talking to or as of now waiting for to initiate the conversation. Our "relationship" has now been for the last couple of weeks text messages back and forth with him telling me vugarly and antagonizely how he wants to fuck me every which way, have me hold my ass checks apart as he plunges into me, him savouring every delicious lick and bite of my tight pucker, me gagging on his big thick dick as he holds my head, and ravashing on his strong muscluar ass. He knows how to make a black boy blush, that he most certainly does, but what he doesn't know how to do is make these provoking fantasies into fruition. Seriously dude fuck me now, fuck me here, fuck me there, FUCK! Fuck me infront of your wife if thats the only place we can but just fuck me already. These dreams, these words you send me leave me waning, losing myself in wanting for more, gripping the edge of my bed lustfully in ecstasy. I need you in me, feel your weight on top of me, hold your being, feel your smooth cock head push its way through my tight ass, and permeate my body, at first, moving hard and vigoriously as I become adjusted and later fucking me until I am breathless in still motion with only my hole and ass moving to accomodate and match the movement of your dick and pelvic thrusts, pin me down so resistance to your endowment is minimal and let me embrace the wroughness that is your body.

[Sir ethier fuck me or leave me alone. What you're putting me and your wife through is destroying us, at least let her have the opportunity to say she knows you're fucking a man instead of her having to live in her doubting suspicions. and let me live or continue to move on rather than bidding waiting by the phone in want of some form of contact with you.]

Despite this one pending experience, I do, however, have two more craigslist experiences. In some sort of fashion I should be disgusted and ashamed of my benefactors but the thrill of living and want for experience has allowed me to cloud my better judgement and persue my most discrepant conquests. The first I'll share and the other I'll hopefullly have a chance to elaborate, even more hopefully I can elaborate on the physically sexual experience with MarriedMan. The first of my contacts was on May 2, 2012. After exhanges of address/photo/number, I found myself on a jitney, miling closer and closer to his home anxious that I was finally going to get fucked and feel the sexual desiring touch of a man. When I walked closer to his door, my heart was thudding loudly, and as I knocked on the door, it pounded with the same vociferous volume as the knocks on the door. He opened it, and to my too naive surprise it was not the vision of a man at his prime that I saw but the dusty image of an surving grandpa. In my head I ran back the 5+ miles back home, screaming, vomiting, turning over my gay card and making a vow to woman soley. But what happened in reality was I stepped in guided by the want of some sort of experience. It was nerve wrecking being in this situation but I somehow managed to drain the person that I am and create a facade that was immune to the old man infront of me. We laid on his bed, touching, gripping , and holding. His kiss and mouth were old thin flat rough and slimey compared to my young full wet soft lips. I touched and jerked his dick which seemed to stay flacid while my dick was bouncing hard in my shorts during the ride over and on and off while on the bed. He rolled on top of me, thrusting his hips on my ass through my shorts, which i never took off, but I giggled, laughing as his touches on my hyper-sensitive skin. I rolled him over and began to rub my dick through my shorts on him, loving the idea of doing this with someone younger more elastic. After a while, we just laid in bed, me asking quesions, listening to him answer them as his tried to harden his old friend. By 8;00 (after an hour of being there), I made some excuse to leave and went home. The bus ride back a sense of despondency came over me and I felt a sicken motion in my stomach, the knot feeling of doing something that was incredible hurtful to myself and health. This feeling lasted the night and morning after, I washed myself thoroughly but somehow couldn't wipe the feeling of filth that covered the areas that felt the weight of his presense.On my bed, I laid petrified in fetal position.

I don't regret what I did, I don't even find it disgusting. I was in need; after 8 years of wanting and desiring, I finally manifested the desires to be with a man. I might not have done it the way every young boy does but dammit I did. What I learned from it was I definetly am gay, and I need the arms of a man to embrace me, hold me tight, dick in ass, as we lay to the silence that pentitrates the room in darkness.

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